Sponsorship Portfolio

Case Study

Client Challenge

A major Canadian corporation wished to optimize its sponsorship portfolio in order to increase and track its effectiveness among current and potential customers.

Charlton’s Approach

An online study was conducted among Canadians aged 18 and older. The study determined perceived sponsorship leaders among Canadians, ranking the client brand against both direct competitors and the broader landscape of Canadian sponsors. The study included conjoint analysis in order to assess the relative strengths of different sponsorship options and identify the optimal combination of properties (i.e. broadest reach based on a pre-specified number of properties). As well, the client’s perceived sponsorship strengths and weaknesses were determined and compared with competitive brands.

The Result

The insights from this research initiative were used to determine the strength of the client’s current sponsorship portfolio and identify gaps. Charlton provided several scenarios that offered an optimal mix of sponsorship properties, thereby highlighting properties to keep, divest, or consider for acquisition in the future. Overall, the client was able to use the results as a blueprint for sponsorship planning and budgeting. In fact, the client was so pleased with the utility of the results that they replicated the study in international markets.