Emotional Connection

Case Study

Client Challenge

The client was in the process of developing a new activation program as part of a sport sponsorship platform. In order to maximize the program’s effectiveness, the client asked Charlton to help them gain a better understanding of the target audience and how they could best be engaged. The client also wanted to identify the key emotional touchpoints of the sport property, and which touchpoints in particular overlapped with the client’s brand identity.

Charlton’s Approach

Focus groups were conducted with fans and participants of the sport. In advance of the focus group sessions, participants completed Charlton’s proprietary BrandBio™ storytelling exercise. This exercise was used to identify emotional hot buttons and themes that connected participants with the sport. During the sessions, respondents’ perceptions and emotional reactions to the client brand were also discussed, and compared with their previously recorded connections with the sport property in order to identify points of alignment. Testing of a preliminary version of the client’s activation program was conducted, with regards to how well it fit with the client brand, sport property, and respondents’ lifestyle.

The Result

The insights generated by the focus groups were used to finalize the activation program; ensuring that it leveraged the emotional touchpoints identified by the groups in communication materials relating to the program. The program was extremely successful, and the client went on to win awards for excellence within its industry.