Parallel Sampling

Case Study

Client Challenge

A major Canadian corporate sponsor wanted to assess its event-based sponsorships across a number of properties. The sponsor also wanted to measure the effectiveness of its on-site activations.

Charlton’s Approach

Charlton used its parallel-sampling approach that compares results among event attendees and non-attendees to determine the impact of the client’s event sponsorships. Attendees were intercepted on-site and invited to complete a post-event interview that included assessment of the sponsor brand as well as the event experience. Non-attendees within the event market (that were matched to the profile of the attendee group) completed a mirror survey minus the event evaluation section.

The Result

Results between the attendee and non-attendee groups were then compared in order to determine the impact of sponsoring the event and provide a very conclusive result. As well, using the same methodology across multiple events allowed Charlton to determine the most and least effective sponsorships; which the client used to determine which events to divest for the coming year.