Case Study

Client Challenge

Charlton identified a need for cost-effective, actionable insights for sponsors of various high profile Canadian sport properties.

Charlton’s Approach

In order to address this need, Charlton designed its own, independent tracking studies focusing on the health of sport property brands, engagement among Canadians (including broadcast, computer, mobile, and other methods), sponsorship awareness, assessing activations and brand lift of a range of brands. The questionnaire is also updated each season in order to address topical issues. The syndicated products cover the Olympics, NHL and NHL teams, MLB and the Blue Jays and NBA and the Raptors.

Subscription to each study includes: unaided and aided sponsorship awareness for subscriber brand and a relevant competitor; sponsorship lift analysis on brand impressions and purchase consideration; sport interest and engagement analysis among customers & non-customers; and the option to include custom questions at an additional fee.

The Result

Charlton syndicated studies offer a cost-effective way for a client to gain a better understanding of the property as well as assess the effectiveness of their sponsorship. Many companies and brands are repeat subscribers – some saying that these Charlton syndicated studies provide some of the best value of any research studies that they are involved in.